Climbing at the Foundry 2

Second time climbing at The Foundry.
Nick has put a wooden bar through the jumar, so now Clare can try pulling herself up with both hands, and there is also another rope, somehow, that is going to let Nick help Clare’s upwards pull.
First time up … going higher … higher than before … but soon Clare is straining to hold her head up, and her head is on the verge of dropping backwards. Quick descent on the ropes, swing back into the chair.
Grace, same age cousin, feels her way to the top and walks down. Clare’s neck is resting meanwhile.
Clare needs to have her upper body more vertical, so Nick adjusts the harness. Success. Clare’s shoulders are now rounded forwards and her head no longer defying gravity.
One more improvement: wrist-loops. They aren’t perfect, but they reduce the time that Clare and Robin spend getting Clare’s hands back on the bar when they slip off. After Clare’s second climb, Nick tweaks the wrist loops. Grace climbs again, and then it’s Clare’s turn once more.
Two-handed climbing with determination!
Each pull moves Clare higher.
“One more pull?!” shouts Nick.
And again. And again.
Higher and higher!
Wooo! Still going!
Heh heh!!

Climbing at the Foundry 1

Just because you are a wheelchair user, just because you breathe with the help of a ventilator, wouldn’t you go climbing if you wanted to?
First climbing session was 26th February ….. wow!

IMG_3001Before – smiles of anticipation.

After – team smiles with success: